Unique and sensational experience to your photography dream.

Photography at binary octal is a comprehensive solution including services such as photobooth, photo printing and framing. From casual event to a larger batch get together, binary octal can fill your photography need with a remarkable output.

Why Binary Octal

At binary octal, we don’t just simply provide a photographer to provide a potography service. We take time to understand your requirement. Each photography job can have varying needs, even if they are in similar areas such as batch parties and get togethers.


Given this, we take it as our priority to provide you with a customized service. Our photographers will begin the process with a consultation. All other elements of the photography service will then be customized to meet the client’s requirement.

If you want to hire an expert photographer for establishing a professional presence for your brand, hire binary octal today. Along with high-quality web development service, we offer highly competitive rates to suit your budget. Contact us to discuss your photography project today.

Benefits of Photography at

  • Get access to a larger target market
  • Dedicated Corporate Photography Service
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Better integration with social media (with over 9 pages in 3 major platforms)
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Content that catches the attention of the online and offline community
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